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Investing with us is simple and immediate, you just need to join our platform, enjoy your stabil income & sharing of company dividends.
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StabilBTC PTY LTD is a private investment company & our profits comes through trading in cryptocurrency market. Principles of managing money and risks are key features of our company.

The main reason why we developed this platform is to accelerate and automate the process of interaction with company investors, make sure that investors give the least effort but achieve stable income in the long term. Is very difficult to succeed on their own and and large capitals are needed to trade safely and comfortably with big lots.

Our financial portfolio is backed by a safety fund that guarantee on each our operation and we have an active pool of profits realized from a strategic assortment of high-yield assets located in classical financial sectors and on the emerging financial world of cryptocurrencies. StabilBTC headquartered in Surry Hills (Sidney) since 2017, is officially registered in Australia, which gives our investment company strategic advantages in the form of flexibility and limited regulation. Since February 2020 we are also officially registered in UK and we are working hard to expand further our regulatory and licensing areas during 2020-2021.

Services provided by StabilBTC not only provide lucrative returns on investments, but also encompass the highest levels of of security, privacy makes sure that all your details are kept secure and customer service dedication is our motto.

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Investing in bitcoin or more widely in the cryptocurrency sector has certainly proved to be a winning choice for people who have believed in this field it since before 2017, but today starting to invest in these markets as a single investor with limited capital and trying to increase the portfolio in many cases results in bankruptcy with loss of invested capital.

The market no longer moves in a single bullish direction but alternates periods of strong speculation in which only traders with the right skills and accompanied by the support of large capitals manage to profit.

By deciding to invest with us you become part of a large community of investors who make a profit every day, no longer have to worry about losses, your funds are safe and your profits are stable and guaranteed. Starting to use our platform is very simple and our customer support is always available to help you. You just need to follow few simple instructions , which consists of several steps.

First, you need to register - the system will assign to you during this phase the user identification code, remember it because you will need to get access to our platform.

Next, in your personal cabinet, you can choose one of our investment plans, and then make a deposit using the method you prefer among those supported. Once the funds have been credited to your account, you start to receive daily accruals, the plan starts to work instantly.

We provide quality services

Round-the-clock support

First-order assistance service, if you have questions about the work of the project, the movement of your funds, the proposed opportunities and much more we are here. You can ask to our support specialists at any time Monday-Friday 10:00 to 17:00 UTC.

Fast payments

Get your earnings very fast! You can ask proceed with the withdrawal of the profits accrued at any time, they are credited to your balance daily. Once on your balance you are free to reinvest or withdraw, the payment process is quick and safe.

Weekly Dividends

Our investment plans bring profit every day, providing a stable income however we want to share with all our clients and extra income: the weekly dividends! They will be credited every 7 days since the date of your investment.

About our company

We are leaders in the field of investing in the crypto currency because we timely took up this niche. The best specialists work with us, whose main goal is to close successful transactions, ensure investors' profit and harmonious development of the project.


Every day hundreds of people all over the world join our platform, we guarantee success to every investor. Profitable investment plans and a thoughtful partner program attract business professionals and beginners. Everybody can make money with us.
Evaluating the advantages of cooperation with us, you will quickly realize that our business is your ticket to a prosperous future. Join a group of successful people today.

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