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On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions, please consult this list before contacting the support service.
QUESTION: How to register in our platform?

ANSWER: To join our platform is very simple just click on "Sign-up" or "Register". All you need to do is to fill in the required fields.

QUESTION: What kind of data should I use to log into my personal account?

ANSWER: To access your personal account just enter in the appropriate fields the unique client code that has been automatically provided and the Password chosen during the registration.

QUESTION: How many personal accounts can one investor have?

ANSWER: One investor can have only one personal account. If this rule is violated, all accounts will be permanently locked for security reasons.

QUESTION: Do I have to make a deposit immediately after registration?

ANSWER: Yes you can , but is suggested to get additional information in the Investments plans page and only after that make the first investment.

QUESTION: When i receive the first earning?

ANSWER: You will receive the first accrual 24 hours after your deposit.

QUESTION: Is my deposit safe? Who have access to it?

ANSWER: Yes, your investment is completely safe, nobody will have direct access to it but it will be used as part of a larger pool by our traders. In case of losses the capital is guaranteed by our safety funds. Furthermore on website side we also use the most advanced security protocols.

QUESTION: Is possible to earn also if i do not invest in the platform?

ANSWER: Yes, by inviting new investors, you can earn extra profit from their investments. Your profit will depend on the size invested by the new client and your partner status.

QUESTION: Where can I get the link to share the platform to new investors and participate in the affiliate program?

ANSWER: You can get your personal link just clicking on the button "copy", on the left side of your backoffice.

QUESTION: Which are the accepted payment methods?

ANSWER: After choosing an investment plan inside your account, section "invest", you can see the accepted payment methods on the bottom of the same page. If you decide to use Bitcoin the transaction must have three confirmations before our system detect the payment as accepted, after that the funds will be credited to your account. You can deposit also using ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE as cryptocurrency methods and PM and Payeer as fiat currency.

QUESTION: How many investments can I do?

ANSWER: You can oopen an unlimited number of plans in our investment platform. Each one will be managed separately.

QUESTION: How to withdraw my profits?

ANSWER: Is very simple you can request the withdrawal of your profits just going on the section " Withdraw funds" and and typing the desired sum.

QUESTION: How many times daily can I withdraw funds?

ANSWER: You can withdraw funds as many times you whish just you need the minimum amount necessary on the balance.

QUESTION: What is the minimum amount available for withdrawal?

ANSWER: The minimum amount you can withdraw is the equivalent of 5$ for cryptocurrencies and 1$ for Payeer and PM.

QUESTION: What if I forgot my personal account password?

ANSWER: In this case, you can use the form to recover passwords or contact support, we will help you to resolve the issue and receive the new credentials on your mail.

QUESTION: Can I change my payment details?

ANSWER: Yes of course. You can do it using the the function in " settings " tab and you will receive a verification code on your mail to confirm the changes, or just contacting the support team.

QUESTION: How often i receive the Company dividends?

ANSWER: You will receive the company dividends every 7 days since the date of your deposit.

QUESTION: How long does it take for payments to be processed?

ANSWER: All withrawal are processed manually several times a day so usually it takes very short time. Maximum waiting time just in case of platform maintenance up to 48 hours.